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We work with clients in a broad range of sectors – some of our recent projects are listed below.

Strategic Planning & Operations Support – West Africa

Strategic Planning – Global

Strategic Planning – East Africa

We developed operational and strategic plans to enable a leading West African software company to increase its revenue buy 400% in a single year. We developed a 5-year strategic plan for an educational organization looking to build on a decade of successful growth and harness new opportunities.  A detailed survey of Africa’s exploding opportunities and review of core organizational strengths helped us to identify key areas where the organization could grow and we are now supporting the organization in implementing this strategy. A fast-growing East-African software company came to us wanting to grow into new regional markets, increase their profitability and to develop new strategies for recurring revenue.  IPC engaged with a set of quick-wins and then a detailed strategic plan and we are now supporting the organization to implement this towards their ambitious goal of becoming the region’s leading player.

Project Conception, Development and Delivery

Market Sizing and Entry – Global

Analytics and Research 

We developed the concept of a science forum to put Africa onto the global science map and developed the concept into a vibrant institution with a long-term strategy, a network of supporters, an exceptional team and a full organizational identity. We delivered a market sizing report and entry strategy into the African market for one of Canada’s biggest public hospitals. We helped the client understand the African healthcare market and made recommendations on which countries to focus on and why, how big the market was in different parts of Africa and proposed strategies for entering the identified market. Since 2013, we have consistently followed and analyzed business trends in Africa across various sectors. Part of our research and analysis is publicly available through the annual IPC Year in Review report published during the first quarter of each year as well as through weekly one pagers called IPC Datashots that are published through email, social media, IPC website and through several online platforms. 



Clients & Insights



Our Datashots are simple one-pagers which highlight the incredible growth which is happening in Africa today, as well as the potential for future growth – released weekly on Tuesdays – sign up and browse previous Datashots below.

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clients & Insights



We are proud of the work we do with our clients and the support our clients provide us.  Read below for client testimonials.


Thierry Zomahoun

Executive Director, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI)

Three key areas underpin our relationship with IPC.

Firstly, IPC has been providing us with expert and strategic support to successfully open new centres of excellence, as we expand across the African continent. Their ability to apply strategic thinking and analysis and bring creative solutions to difficult problems facilitated timely completion of activities. 

Secondly, IPC has been instrumental to us developing, establishing and securing valuable partnerships with International Governments and Foundations.  

Thirdly, IPC has consistently delivered high quality results and with a quick turnaround, to all the assignments they have undertaken.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with IPC.


Greg Dick

Director of Educational Outreach, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Working with Arun and the Infinite Potentials team was incredibly valuable to our entry into Africa strategic plan. They both developed a detailed sense of the educational landscape on the ground and also worked to ensure they understood Perimeter’s capacities and strengths. This comprehensive approach ensured their final report provided prioritized and actionable next steps. I would recommend Arun and his team to anyone, and will be quick to use their services again.