Strategy and Business Planning

Market Entry, Growth, and Expansion Support

Analytics and Research

We develop strategies to enable your business to make substantial, sustainable and recognizable improvements in performance.

We develop strategies for your business to realize its growth potential, responding to changing economic, political and technical environments.

We develop plans and deliver research to enable your business to evaluate and enter new markets and expand your presence in existing ones.

We work with your team on-the-ground in new African markets to establish presence, customers and growth strategies.

We provide your business and team with valuable multi-sectorial insight into the African business landscape though research as well as general and custom data analysis.

We set up passive analytics systems for monitoring and active analytics review of your current business performance.

Operations Support and Organization Design

Market Assessment and Sizing

We improve your company’s operational performance through provision of advisory support as well as on-the-ground technical support from our team.

We work with your team to put systems for planning, reporting and delivery in-place, helping you and your team work more efficiently on a daily basis.

We develop organizational and governance structures and work with you to implement them, respecting organizational needs as well as individual personalities.

We develop estimates of the sizes of your current and future potential markets, using and extrapolating data.

We develop quantifiable measures of your business opportunity in new markets that you are seeking.



We work across Africa, with special focus on Kenya, Ghana and Rwanda.  We are able to work in all sectors, but bring specialized expertise to the following sectors



IT, Mobile and Software

  • Tertiary education
  • Curriculum design (entrepreneurship training)
  • Operations
  • Expansion
  • Operations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Entry


  • Hospital design, health system strategy designs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Healthcare system design
  • Entry Strategies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operations
  • Market Entry
  • Analytics



  • Strategic Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Sizing and Research