Social Engagement



We believe that African organizations need the best talent in Africa to help them realize their potential. 

We subscribe to the idea that the most brilliant, hardest working and most focussed individuals have the potential to be as much as 100x more effective and productive than ‘the usual’ and it is this talent that we bring to IPC. 

We are frustrated by the fact that today, leading African organizations find it challenging to find the right skills to help them grow while countless brilliant young people aren‘t able to apply their skills to help corporates, non-profits and governments in their regions. 

IPC will change this paradigm.

Social Engagement



Pillar 1

Pillar 2

Pillar 3

Provide high-quality employment to talented young Africans in Africa Support the growth of business in Africa Provide scholarship support to young African students for studies in Africa

Social Engagement



In addition to the impact which our client work has had, IPC has provided employment and internship for four talented young Africans in their home countries.  Our work is just beginning and we will continue to expand our impact – watch this space.