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10 academy


IPC believes in the ability of young African leaders to lead transformational projects in Africa.

In June 2017, we implemented 10 Academy as an intensive post-graduate programme which identifies, trains and launches high potential young African university graduates (10 Academy Fellows) into careers where they have the opportunity to have extraordinarily large (10x) impact.

The pilot edition took place at Ashesi University (Ghana) in July 2017 with 22 students from 15 countries across Africa. The 22 fellows were talented, visionary young Africans with high potential and a bias to action and were trained in modern skills including Problem Definition, Design Thinking and Making, Big Data, Agile Software Development and Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

This model is specifically designed to be scalable across countries and to have rapid impact. The vision for future years is to build on lessons learned from the pilot programme and to expand the programme across the continent, utilizing the same identification, training and launching framework.

10 Academy is working to create a pipeline of exceptional young Africans and launch them into careers where they can have 10x impact. Contact us to learn more about 10 Academy and how to support 10 Academy in the future.