• IPC delivers projects in Africa
    with business and social impact
    at scale

  • Over 3 weeks in June 2017,
    we trained over 600 young women
    from seven African countries
    in STEM and employment skills

  • In July 2017, we launched 10 Academy,
    a new initiative to identify, train and launch
    10x builders from across Africa.

  • We work with clients including
    multinationals, multilaterals
    and growing organizations
    to implement their projects in Africa

  • 3 of the fastest growing economies in 2017
    were African


Business in Rwanda and Kenya perceived as less corrupt than Switzerland and Denmark

Our clients say – IPC
brings strategic thinking and creative solutions to difficult problems

Our expertise includes Strategy, Market Growth and Operations

On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high), the Private Sector in Rwanda (1.7) and Kenya (2.7) is perceived as less corrupt than Denmark (3.0), Switzerland (3.1) and Finland (3.3) – this is according to the 2013 Global Corruption Barometer. Similarly, the Judiciary in Rwanda (2.0) outscores Switzerland (2.2), Canada (2.8) and the USA (3.3).

Read more about Rwanda, Kenya and other fascinating facts about African growth in our Datashots section.

IPC has been providing strategic thinking, creative solutions and high-quality results since 2012 for the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Next Einstein Initiative, a leading organization working across Africa.  Read the full testimonial here.


IPC helps organizations make substantial, sustainable, lasting and recognizable improvements in performance through strategic planning, market growth strategies and operational support.